Dynisco Melt Pressure Calibrator PPS1100

Dynisco Melt Pressure Calibrator PPS1100 – Melt Pressure Calibrator
The Portable Pressure Source PPS1100 offers quick, efficient, and accurate means for checking pressure transducers in the field. To preform a pressure transducer test, simply remove the transducer from the process and install it in the pressure port on the PPS1100 manifold. Turn the PPS110 on and select the required engineering unit. Adjust zero and pump the pressure source until the desired pressure readout on the PPS1100 to the pressure transducer readoput to verify the transducer’s accuracy.

Dynisco Melt Pressure Calibrator is available through HeatSource.

Heatsource inc Dynisco Melt Pressure Calibrator PPS1100
Product Specifications
Item Number: PPS1100
Ranges (PSI): 0-700 bar
Operating Temp: 0-50°C
Accuracy: ± 0.1% f.s.v.
Weight: 3.9kg

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